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Hex colors and words

Hello Internet dweller! Fancy seeing you here. Ok, this page contains hex color codes that are also words or that are contained in a word.

This all started as an exercise in regular expressions. I was first wondering if this information was already available in the internet. It was not. There was also no way of generating this information through available internet services. Pages that create anagrams would have proven useful, but when searching for an anagram one is asking the question “Give me words or phrases that contain the letters ‘abcdef’” and my particular question was “Give me words that contain a 6 digit string which can contain any of the letters ‘abcdef’”

Confusing things aside, I put onto the task of answering this question. I downloaded a words dictionary and then the regexing begun

after some “curating” (I get extra points for buzz word injecting) I ended up with this list. I am aware that this is subject to errors. Probably some of these words are non existent or badly written. I blame the copywriter. If you find any errors, feel free to contact me at dhθpixeina.com

Hope this proves useful to somebody. I think it can be useful for domain name brokers or for a new company name with color brand associations... I don't know, it's just data :)

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